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Hygienic solutions

Whether your packaging challenge is about powders, liquids, bulk products, confectionary, dairy, meat, fish, IQF products - the hygienic aspect is one of the key factors in your production. AGILIS vffs packaging machines by baumannpacking are designed to strictly meet even highest hygienic demands.

AGILIS vffs packaging machines can be customized to your specific needs. The modularity allows a tailored machine layout adapting to your request. All models come with an open-frame-design without any hollow section profiles, tilted horizontal surfaces, optional stainless steel servo-drives and gear boxes, ultra clean pneumatics, etc., can be applied in the various hygienic equipment levels - many useful measures to avoid cross contamination and bacterial build-up. The design is in accordance with EHEDG and FDA rules. Additional ATEX demands can be met in various levels.

AGILIS hygienic levels:

  • Stainless steel / wash-down, IP 66 (up to 20bar water pressure)
  • Stainless steel / wipe, IP 65
  • Painted carbon steel, IP 54
  • Pharmaceutical design
  • ATEX design

Securely sealed

Sophisticated sealing systems make sure your products are securely sealed. A solid mechanical lever system applies sealing pressures of up to 6.000 N (optional up to 15.000N), depending on your application. The cross jaw drive can be equipped with servo-drive or pneumatic drive. Integrated sensitive safety detection ensures the protection of operators, product and sealing equipment.

AGILIS sealing system range:

  • Heat seal system for laminate films
  • Constant temperature polyethylene & laminate welding system (without resistance wires)
  • Impulse welding system with resistance wires for heavy polyethylene films
  • Ultrasonic seal system for laminates and Tyvek

For any speed range

Due to their modular design concept AGILIS vffs packaging machines by baumannpacking can be freely configured to meet any speed requirement. Up to 250 machine cycles/min are possible on a single lane model, depending on your application. The drive modules are scalable, which allows a customized system without high investment.

The drive modules are scalable, which allows a customized system without high investment:

  • Continuous motion with vacuum-belts
  • Intermittent motion with belts or vacuum belts
  • Crimper system
  • DUPLEX-design with individual control and drives for both sides
  • TWIN-design with common control and drives
  • MULTILANE-design

Off-the-shelf or customized

Are you looking for an off-the-shelf-solution, short delivery, reasonably priced? Do you have special demands in terms of bag design, limited space, line integration, that require a customized packaging solution?
The answer to both questions is the AGILIS vffs packaging machine range by baumannpacking. Standardized machine modules allow short lead times at reasonable prices. The modularity allows sophisticated customizing on the other hand, so even special demands can be met in various regards.

Lines from a single source

Vffs machines are the core of your primary packaging line. Perfect line integration therefore is a major issue in order to achieve efficient, economical and secure packaging results baumannpacking takes line responsibility and offers customized packaging line solutions or integrates existing equipment individually.

AILIS vffs machines can be combined/ equipped with a huge number of line components:

  • Multihead or linear weighers
  • Weigher gantries
  • Auger fillers (volumetric and gravimetric)
  • Volumetric cup fillers
  • Toogle feeders
  • Dosing Pumps
  • Conveyors and elevators
  • Feeding augers
  • Big-bag handling
  • Tilting units for boxes, containers
  • Sieven units
  • Printers (thermal transfer, ink-jet, laser)
  • Labelling equipment
  • Track- & trace equipment
  • Check weighers (single- and multi-lane)
  • Metal detectors
  • X-ray detectors
  • Pack tables and stations (end of line)
  • Case Packer
  • Cartoners (horizontal and vertical)
  • Carton Sealers

Future proof

Digitalization on all levels of the value-chain (Industry 4.0) demands modern solutions. The digital integration of your packaging lines is therefore absolutely essential.
This fact is one of our key aspects designing AGILIS vffs packaging machines. State-of-the-art drive and control components already ensure the digital demands of the future. Easy-to-operate and comfortable HMI solutions allow remote control (also via Smart Phone or Tablet), data exchange with existing ERP systems and common operation standards like OMAC PackML. Remote service modules are integrated as standard feature to support you when ever needed.

BECKHOFF drive and control components are our standard choice. Additionally we offer ROCKWELL (Allen Bradley) or SIEMENS controls, if requested.

Highest quality Made in Germany

Baumann Maschinenbau Solms have more than 35 years of experience in designing and building machines. This is the platform that AGILIS vffs packaging machines are developed on. Solid mechanical base, high quality raw materials, state-of-the-art components as well as strictly user-oriented design are the essentials of these high quality products.

Maximum machine availability at minimal cost of ownership is our guideline. AGILIS vffs packaging machines are exclusively designed and build in our plant in Solms - strictly “Made in Germany”.



baumannpacking at the Fachpack 2019 in Nuremberg

FachPack – the trade fair for packaging, processing and technology, 24th to 26th September 2019 in Nuremberg.
Experience the innovative vertical form, fill and seal machines - highest performance for limitted space.
Halle 3A, Stand 532 - Looking forward to your visit!

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baumannpacking auf der Fachpack 2018 in Nürnberg

Vom 25. bis 27. September 2018 findet die Messe Fachpack in Nürnberg statt.
Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von den Vorteilen unserer innovativen Verpackungsmaschinen.
Halle 3A, Stand 528 - Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

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baumannpacking at the Empack 2018 – Zürich

The packaging show EMPACK 2018 will take place in Zürich from 11th to 12th of April. baumannpacking will also attend this show event on the booth of our sales partner gramagpacking. You
will find us in hall 4 / booth F28 - we look forward to meeting you there!

baumannpacking will introduce the latest PICDIS model -  a very compact  packaging system suitable for filling and sealing of premade pouches and bags in various styles. Features of this new PICDIS generation are the modular hygienic design and high availability  -  able to handle speeds of up to 25 pouches/min.

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